Dear talented scholar,

You do not have to wait for employer sponsorship or marriage to a citizen for U.S green card. The U.S needs talented scholars like you, and your abilities can be enough for a green card via the National Interest Waiver; but you have to PLAN while you still have time. Take pride in your abilities and learn how to strategize for permanent residency on your own terms.

  • Learn strategies for building all required NIW evidence as a STEM or Non-STEM scholar

  • How to sell your future plan or proposed endeavor in the U.S. - the central theme of the NIW

  • Download all actual documents and templates used for our successful case (optional)

  • Get referred to responsible attorneys (if needed) for quality representation at a discount.

Self-sponsored Green Cards

Building evidence from the student's perspective


Partner at Bestman Academy

Babajide Ojo, MS, PhD

Dr. Babajide Ojo is an alumnus of EKSU (Nigeria), Oklahoma State University (USA), and presently a Postdoc at Stanford University School of Medicine. He intentionally strives to assist diverse students with untapped potentials by revealing tips and opportunities for ascending into STEM-related fields, thereby improving the quality of research and the diversity of discourse in their fields. Dr. Ojo was a graduate student ambassador throughout his training at Oklahoma State University. He received several honors and awards during his PhD, culminating in his selection as the Honorary Commencement Marshall of his graduating class (Fall 2019). Dr. Ojo earned the United States National Interest Waiver (NIW) in 2021 with no request for evidence (RFE) for his plans for translational research in nutrition and digestive diseases. Dr. Ojo is our expert at strategizing for top grad school opportunities in the United States and positioning yourself for the National Interest Waiver.


  • Is the NIW only applicable to those in STEM fields?

    No. If you understand what it takes and duly plan to hit all milestones as a student as recommended in this training, you may qualify regardless of your field. In this course, we dedicate a section specifically to Non-STEM students and describe how some students have creatively designed their research to fit into the vital areas for the NIW. Because of the 1-yr OPT for Non-STEM students, you may not have a lot of time and it is vital that you start planning for the NIW early if you want to thread this path.

  • Do I still need a lawyer after taking this training?

    Although U.S law allows for self-representation in NIW cases, we highly recommend that you seek official legal representation for your NIW case. They have the expertise to help you polish and present your case to the government and your case may earn more respect. In case the U.S. government official is having a bad day and sends a request for evidence or a notice of denial, they may still be able to argue your case and salvage a solution for you. The key is making sure the law firm has NIW experience and cares about their clients and not just the money. Legal representation for NIW cases can be less expensive than other immigration paths and even better if you know you have a good case. I had my NIW petition approved with no further questions asked after submission, so the paid versions of this training ensure that you know what it takes to have a good case and how you can strategize for all the requirements if you are a student or postdoc. It would definitely be easier for all parties (and possibly cheaper, in my own case) if you have a very good case and have prepared key documents as taught in this course. Importantly, we can suggest/refer you for legal representation that will save you lots of money. More information on this in the course.

  • At what stage of my U.S. education can I take this training?

    Anytime. We strongly recommend taking this course early in your scholarly journey so that you can start planning to hit all milestones as soon as you can. And if you are advanced in your journey, there will still be a lot to learn coupled with the chance to see and download my actual documents and templates that you can plug your own story into. Although it is unlikely that the NIW will go away since it has been U.S. law for over a decade, you will be better off if you start learning now and make yourself qualified in the littlest time possible.

  • Do you have to remain in academia or plan to work in academia after graduation to get the NIW?

    NO! I have a few friends in the industry who did what they had to do while in school to qualify for the NIW. There was no bottleneck to employ them because they already had their work authorization document and did not need any employer investment (which is hard to come by) to sponsor their work VISA. This training combines my own experience and the acquired experiences of these successful friends to guide you on how to strategize for the NIW as a student.

  • I am already on OPT, I'm on another VISA, or I'm from India or China. Is this course still useful for me?

    Sure! This training will still be beneficial to open your eyes to what it takes and how to plan the next step (that's if you don't already qualify).  If you are on another visa (e.g H1b, O-1...), you can get a green card through the NIW for you and your family in lesser time. Even if you are from India and China with long priority dates, you may still benefit from getting the NIW, including the chance to get an employment authorization card (EAD) for you and your family. And if you believe you are ready to apply, this training will detail how to draft all supporting evidence and your future plan with the chance to get templates from a successful NIW application. We also suggest legal representation that may save you lots of $$$ compared to most firms.

  • This course has many versions. What is the key difference between the versions of this NIW training?

    The beginner's guide gives you a basic summary and introduction to the NIW, how to qualify, and saving on costs. The Advanced version adds significantly to the Beginner's version by going into all the details and strategies for accumulating supporting pieces of evidence and developing some key documents. The Complete Guide gives you all the experience of the Beginner and Advanced versions with the ability to download all key documents and templates needed to develop a major part of your NIW case. Confused? Start with the Beginner's Guide and see if one of the paid versions would be right for you.

  • What are my other options aside from the self-sponsored NIW Green Card for talented students?

    Good question! You could try to find an employer who will be willing to sponsor your work visa (H-1b) and when you luckily find one, it is not a certainty that you would get a visa as you’d have to try out your luck again in the H1-b lottery system. Plus, you must continue that employment with your sponsor till you can qualify for a green card in about 5 years. Excluding those who genuinely “fall in love”, another alternative is to be a sucker in marriage for a citizen and their families till they file your green card (let's just say you may be like some black folks depicted in the "Get Out" movie). Another option people whisper around is to pay thousands of dollars for a fake marriage till you get the green card which would take years (that's if you were not caught as this is illegal). You have no power to fight or sue if the citizen you “married” breaches the “illegal agreement” and you must keep pleading and paying more dollars to keep them happy. There are many horror stories on this that people would not share publicly. NOT RECOMMENDED! We believe these acts are beneath you as a talented scholar. Using my successful NIW experience and acquired experiences from colleagues who were successful (and those who were rejected due to poor preparation), this training will empower you to preserve your pride and help you to think through how you can channel your talents towards a cause that improves U.S. interests and potentially qualify to self-sponsor yourself for permanent residency. The NIW to Green card process can be completed within a year! With the financial and emotional costs of the alternatives, why wouldn't you want to learn how to develop a solid case as a talented student that you are and migrate legally through the NIW process?

  • I see that the training has 3 versions. Can I start with the Beginner's version and simply upgrade later?

    Unfortunately, NO. Each training is treated as an individual course. At this time there we do not have the capacity to effect a simple upgrade from one course to the next. You will have to decide the extent of information you need and choose the version that suits your need now and future immigration plans. For example, if you start from the advanced version today and realize in a year or two that you would need the documents and template available in the Complete version, you will have to pay the full price of the complete version at that time. So it may be wise to decide what you would need now and in the near future and make the sacrifice to go for it once and for all!